The program is all about getting to a healthy place where we can let go of the pain of our past and move forward in our lives without being defined by our abusive history. In this regard, it is important that we know recovery exists, not dependent on the group, but solely on ourselves. When we feel ready we should feel free to leave the group to continue our journey with the knowledge, support and skills learned from our program and continue our personal growth. This will make us feel empowered and help us in our healing.

The road to recovery is not a straight one, we will encounter obstacles and triggers that will impede our path. When these times occur we should return to the group for support and re-engage with the program to help us continue on our road. We should not view these slips as any sort of failures on our part and should not judge ourselves for needing to return. Recognising our triggers and reaching out for additional supports in those times are all healthy signs of a recovery and show our strength not our weakness.

On our journey we also committed to carrying the message of hope and recovery to other survivors. It needs to be at their own pace and of their own choosing. We simply give them the knowledge that help is out there and we might gently encourage them to take the steps that we once did.

It is important that we do not try to save or fix other survivors. To do that we take away their power and we give ourselves too much credit to think we can heal anybody except ourselves. We therefore have healthy boundaries in our friendships and relationships with other survivors that is built on understanding, compassion, trust and support.
“We alone can do it but we cannot do it alone” GROW 12 Step Program

Step 12: We honored our recovery by leaving the group when we no longer needed the support of weekly meetings. We carried the message of recovery to other survivors and we returned to the group, without judgement, when the need arose.